Friday, May 22, 2015

Friends of Different Colors

Rainier: I'm Rainier, the one with beautiful yellow and red color combination. This is my friend Bing, we both grew up in Gilroy, California.

Bing: Yeah, we grew up on the same piece of fertile land, got equal amount of sunshine and absorbed the same kind of water and nutritions, but he is creamy pale. He blushes easily. My skin is well tanned and shinny (Rainier: But I'm taller than you are!). Hey, you know, you should actually call me Dad? I was created back in 1875 in Oregon. I'm named after the Chinese foreman Ah Bing who worked for the horticulturist Seth Lewelling. And you are a cross between me and Van cherry, developed at Washington in 1952.

Rainier: Can we just be FRIENDS? I'm not calling you Dad! It's embarrassing... (blushing all the way up to the stem).

Bing: All right, all right, stop turning red! Friends it is, good friends.

About this artwork:
Materials: watercolor, Arches Hot Press 140 lb watercolor paper.

May The Bb Power Be With You!

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