Friday, January 29, 2016

Bowers Museum 'Reds That Colored The World' Artist Demonstration

In conjunction with Reds That Colored The World exhibition at Bowers Museum, Botanical Artist Guild of Southern California has a series of demonstrations to show the public how we paint with red colors. Here are some event photos of me with Deb Shaw. Next demonstration days will be Feb. 20 and 21. Feb. 21 is also the last day of the exhibit. It is an eye-opening exhibit focusing on the history of human using the dye from cochineal bugs. Deb even brought her microscope to let the visitor take a close look at the bugs! We were lucky to witness the birth of 4 nymphs.

Day 1. We sat in front of a big bunch of prickly pear cactus. The host plant of cochineal.
Photo credit: Olga Ryabtsova

Showing my pen & ink sketches.
Photo credit: Olga Ryabtsova

The other day, it drizzled outside, so we move the tables into the main hall. Some geclee prints of other iconic artists are shown along with books.

A great book about THE lady who inspires all the nature artists.

Visitors are all very interested in what we do, botanically, artistically, and scientifically.

In the background is a canoe from Orchid Island, Taiwan. I was pleased to see this folk art piece from my home country.

Deb's microscope with some cochineal bugs being observed.

A newborn cochineal nymph under microscope.

My sketch of trumpet flower. Still in progress.

Pen & Ink sketch of day 2: pink camellia. Still in progress, too.

All in all, it is a very rewarding experience to introduce botanical art to more people!

May The Bb Power Be With You,

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