Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Interesting Shapes

Look around, have you noticed all the interesting shapes that you can find on plants? Even on one plant there are: tube (stem), cone (blossom), cup (calyx), sphere (bud), just to name a few. And no two plants/flowers/leaves/petals....is exactly identical! It makes me dizzy already just to imagine how many different pieces of rose petals are in the whole world.
Good thing is that most of the time, we only need to relax and appreciate the beauty of plants with all our senses without digging into the botanical facts of them.
This is a composition drawing consists of (top to bottom): clivia bud, dried island ironwood leaf, and candle plant (Senecio articulatus). I loved the fun, almost comic look of them all together and wanted to present a playful composition.
I hope you find some playful plant shapes around you today, too!

Some closeups:

About this artwork:
Original size: 9" x 12"
Paper: Strathmore Bristol 300 Series smooth surface (on the bloc cover it says for "pen and ink", I accidentally used it for graphite. The result is surprisingly fine, almost like a plate print. It has become my favorite graphite paper since.)
Pencil: Staedtler Mars Lumograph graphite pencil 2H

May The Bb Power Be With You,

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